One screen over anothert

I want to put a confirmation screen over the main screen to tell the operator that an operation is complete.

The operator clicks on Save Invoice (screen 1) then a second screen comes up telling the operator the work is done.

What are the steps for this?


Add a modal anywhere in the canvas.
Set the Hidden field in the modal to true.
When the process is complete, you can add in the Success handler to run a script;

There seems to be something wrong with my code.

The notification screen is called Message01 (see first screen capture).

But when I set this up in the Success event I get an underline under Message01 (see second screen capture).

When I run it nothing happens and I am pretty sure that the term "Message01" is the problem.

Any thoughts?


That is because you are using a Container and not a modal - if you want to use the container and only show it you can set the container to hidden = true by default and then when clicking the button you can then set hidden to false....then when clicking the OK button, set the container to hidden = true

I have reduced this to a simple square called "html4".

You can can see it in the first screen capture. It is set to "hidden = true" as the default

The second screen capture shows the Success code which is check marked for "hidden = false". I tried this with and without check marks and it does not cause the htlm4 box to reveal itself. I am using non-modal screens because I can get to first base with modal screens.

Any suggestions would be appreciared?


@mdsmith1 I set up an html component as html4, and set hidden = true by default.

The button will then set hidden to false

Your second screenshot has the html4 component set to hidden = true

Scott: I have it all working now. Thank you so much.
I have created a container (container2) which is hidden, then when the "Save Invoice" process is done, the container announcing "The Invoice is Saved" appears. I have an OK button that causes it to disappear so this is all working as it should.
But if the operator does not press OK I would like to remove the message with code and I have come up with something that doesn't work in the attached screen capture.

How would I go about this?

I am all clear on this.
The message box disappears when I press any other button because the default is "Hidden" so everything is fine.
I will mark this as the Solution.
Thanks very much,