Can't get URL to work

I am using a URL routing for the first time and can't get it to work.

I have attached 2 screen captures to show what I have done. But when I click on the button nothing happens.



@mdsmith1 Do you see any errors? Do you have any sort of popup blockers enabled? Have you tried a different browser?

I have tried a different browser (Microsoft Edge) and I have different methods for invoking the URL.

The method that generates an error message is a text window with the URL. The error message is "The Export File cannot be downloaded securely".

This does not happen if I load the URL directly in my browser (Chrome).

I am attaching a screen capture.

Any thouyhts.


Maybe it's a matter of the URL needing to be in https That's my first and only guess...

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+1 to @ScottR's guess!

If you want to download a file from an insecure URL you can try fetching the data using a REST API query:

From there, you can download the data using a success handler. Since it returns a string there's some extra formatting needed but the built-in PapaParse library is super helpful for that. Just pass {{Papa.parse(, {header: true}).data}} to the "Data" field (more docs on how that works here):

Let me know if that works! I've also included an app for you to import and play around with.


It worked !!!

It took me awhile to get the Success Handler set up but once I did that it worked fine.

Henry I really appreciate the great help you give me when I have hit rough patches with ReTool.

Thank you so much.



I have this working but its only when I push the Run button in the rest environment.

The Success Handler is not in the normal pick lists.

How do I get the Success Handler to operate with a button on screen.

I am showing the Run screen and the operating screen below.


I figured it out.
It was just a matter of bringing the 'rest' query under the button so it works fine now.
Thanks so much Henry for all your help with this.

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