Multiselect embedded in table column

It would be great if this could be embedded in a table column. Currently we select a row then populate about 8 tags that are selected using radio buttons.


Hi @tailblaze! We’re actively working on improving column types in the Table component, including a new Tags/Multiselect type! We’ll let you know when these are rolling out, likely in the next month or so.


Hey, any update on this?

Hi @Nansen_Sniper! We're hoping to have this out in the next few weeks.

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Any update on this?

Hi there, the multiple tags table column is in testing and has yet to be rolled out to all orgs. I will check with eng to get an estimate on the timeline.

Hey @johntim, just confirming that this feature should be rolled out to all cloud orgs in the next week or so. Then, it will be rolled out to on-prem users in the next stable on-prem release thereafter.

Hello! Wanted to update you that this wasn't quite rolled out to every cloud user yet and if you'd like the feature turned on please write into support! Thank you. :slight_smile: