Multiples users collaborating on the same app

We've had two or more developers working within one application, but when one makes changes, the others work is lost. Is Retool collobrative enough to maintain both sets of work when being worked on? My client has Retool deployed on prem, if that makes any difference.

Hey @steadweb! Unfortunately the current system doesn’t support that kind of collaboration, so you’ll need to coordinate overwrites. Definitely something we’re thinking about this year though!

On the other hand - we’re working on a new feature called Protected Apps that allow you to require all app changes to go through the Git workflow. If that’s something you want to try out, I can help you with that (!

Thanks for replying @justin - I think my client would be super interested in Protected Apps, as they’re starting to ramp up development with Retool, and handing this out to different users (at different levels as well).

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Hey @justin Is there any way to track changes made by different users in different fields.
Basically, I want to log which users made those changes in those respective fields.

@Sudarshan you can get access to granular audit logs on our pro plan!

@justin Does retool support it now or still the only way is to do it with Protected Apps?

Hey @rai_umad! Stepping in here. Retool still doesn't allow multi-editor access, unfortunately, but protected apps, a feature available to Enterprise orgs, are a great way to manage changes to Retool apps from multiple users!