Can multiple developers work on the same retool app?

We faced an issue when we were working on a retool app, if one developer saved his changes then other developer’s changes were replaced. Is there a way to work around this?

Any suggestions or hacks?

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Hi @vikram, have you found any solutions to this problem? I am experiencing it too.

@vikram and @Burhan - right now there's no good way to do multiplayer in Retool, although we're working on adding it to the roadmap.

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Hey @justin , is there currently any feature in the roadmap that would allow managing multiple dev environments?

@abhishek-kodo nothing in the near term unfortunately :confused:

Are there any workarounds that other companies are employing to overcome this limitation? This is one big problem for us daily, and I imagine for a lot of other companies as well.


Definitely a common request, but one we haven't quite figured out yet, though we do support multiple environments!

Our team is currently research how to have multiple developers working on the same app. Has there been any progress in this area?

One possible solution is:
Having multiple devs each working on individual modules and merging them into a shared App. The problem is that once the module is published to the shared App, there may be more work or bug fixes needed in a particular module. If the App is being tested by QA, we want to freeze a module to a particular release until we are ready to QA that particular module. Is there a way to freeze a given release for each module in a shared app so that continued development can occur without updating the app with the latest release?

Also, we are open to other suggestions or ideas. Thanks for your help!

Hey @Mary_White!

At the moment you can't set a module to a particular version in an app. It has certainly been requested before and we have an internal ticket that I can share this thread in so that we'll let you know here if it gets included. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee around it at the moment.

That being said, a better multiplayer experience is something that has (relatively) recently become a priority for the dev team! I don't have a specific timeline for you but definitely keep your eyes open for it and I can let you know here as well once it's available!

Would it be performant to create separate apps that are called within an app? Are multiple apps able to be cached or are they loaded when switched back and forth?

Would another possible workflow be to use modules and when you need to make changes, create a draft app and made changes to the module and then when ready for testing move it to the latest module?

You can set up query caching and share data between apps to make transitioning between them smoother. Generally, breaking up a large app into smaller apps is one of the performance best practices because it will help with performance in each of the individual apps. If this aligns well with your development cycle then that may be a happy coincidence!

One possible workflow you could use is to create a separate copy of your module for each version. Then, if you're using releases you can drag the newest version of the module onto your canvas to replace the old one and test it before publishing a new live release that includes the reference to the new version of the module.

Does any of that sound like it could work?