Allow multiple users to edit the same branch

We are currently working with the Github protected apps feature for Retool and it appears that only the author of the branch can edit it.

Use case:

We have our main branch and from there we need to implement a new feature for App1 (say feature/add-big-table). If user Dev1 creates this branch, only he will be able to edit it. User Dev2 will only be able to preview it.

When working on a big feature, multiple devs should be able to edit the same branch and have the ability to reset it if rebased are done.

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Hi Philippe! Thanks for reaching out. I'm Theodor, a Retool engineer who worked on this feature. You can preview or add changes on top of another developer's branch using the Reset Branch feature.

For example, let's say Dev1 works on the branch feature/dev1-branch and commits and pushes the changes to the remote repo. Dev2 can then use the Reset branch feature to sync down the changes from feature/dev1-branch to their own branch (say feature/dev2-branch).

This way, Dev2 can also make changes to the branch, and then Dev1 (or someone else!) can use Reset branch to pull down the changes to preview them or make changes too.

Note that the Reset branch feature simply creates a new page save using the latest version of the application or module in the remote branch, so if the user has other changes on the branch that is being reset, those changes will be overwritten (we don't yet support merge conflict resolution, but we hope to soon!). You can always restore the old page save using the Releases and History modal though, so this operation is always safe.

You can find more information about this in our docs.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Multiple users can now edit a branch together on Cloud and on-prem version 3.41+

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