Move Element from Header to main


I accidentally moved a button from the "Main" area to the "Header" area. Unfortunately the element is not visible there. But I see under components that it is still there. How can I move the element back to "Main". Is there a trick for it ?


You should be able to drag and drop it back in to main section... or cut and paste would work too.

I would have expected that too, but the header is just empty. I can't see the button, but it still exists!
If I could see the in the header, the move would be much easier :slight_smile:

OK I have run into similar problems... are there any other components in the main section or in the header that could potentially be hiding your button? I would hide the other two components temporarily by setting hidden field to true and see if you can find that button.

If you really have not started on anything in that app and it's still causing a problem I would just copy what code you did write and copy into another new app and then delete this app

i will recreate the button, but i think it is an Bug.
I tried with several elements as well.
After moving the element in the header it disappears immediately.

i have created a video of how this shows up for me.

I tried to replicate what is in your video and I was not able to do so for any component.
Does the header in your application contain a module or any other components?

I recorded it too Not sure where to post the recording though

The Header is empty. I can´t put anything in it, everything just disapears. Are you using the Hosted Version? I am using the "on prem" version. And so far i just use the free version. Probably there is any difference?

Yep, that could be it. I am using free cloud version.
Prob better to take your original post and video and post that under Support specifying that you're on a hosted version....
Best of luck.

Hey @franz, we'll need to turn on a feature flag for your on-prem instance to enable the header frame. Can you open a ticket with Support about this?

this might be a really stupid question, but do you open a support ticket by writing a post in the support section?

Yes, if you're on a free trial...