Strange UI Behavior because of Header component

I've developed an app with a sidebar that provides access to various apps. Since last week, the behavior of all apps has changed without any modifications on my part. Now, when I click a button in an app (main screen) or in the sidebar to navigate to another app, the currently displayed app shifts 40 pixels upwards. There is no standard CSS or HTML being loaded to the apps.

EDIT: Found out it has to do with the header component. When setting a header component this behavior pops up. When deleting the create header there is no issue with "shifting upwards".
Anyone else has this problem with the header component?

@LinoPino Hi there, glad you were able to resolve the issue. Let me know if you have any pending questions.

Hi @Francisco_Villarreal ,
The issue is not resolved but narrowed it down.

I checked it with two clean apps. When I create a "header" in the apps that this behavior still pops up.
Clicking on the menu items or buttons in the main app makes the whole "main" app shift up.

Could you please check on your end?

@LinoPino Thanks for clarifying. I will reproduce on my end to see what's happening.

@LinoPino Are you able to share a recording or screenshots of what you are seeing? I'm not seeing anything strange on my end. Also what version of Retool are you on? Which browser are you using? I tested on cloud 3.25.0. Thanks.

@Francisco_Villarreal Hi Francisco, I am using cloud 3.25.0 (v3.25.0-241d614 (Build 141798)).
I made a screen recording for the issue:

In the initial segment of the video (Loom link below), the applications are displayed without a header component. During this phase, interacting with buttons or the sidebar menu does not result in any unusual behavior affecting the table's position.

However, at the 25-second mark, header components are introduced for the test applications. Post this addition, any interaction with the menu or buttons causes the table, and all other components in the "main app," to shift upwards. This behavior is notable especially because these test apps are created separately, ensuring that no preloaded theme, CSS, or JavaScript influences the observed behavior.


Thanks for your help.

@Francisco_Villarreal any update on this topic? The "issue" is still there and gives a bad impression on my customers (end users) :innocent: