Self Hosted : Can't create components in Header


When I try to use the Header, I try to drag and drop a component inside it, nothing happens.
Here's a quick video on what's happening : [Loom video]

  • Whenever I try to drag a drop a component into it, nothing appears
  • Even though the component shows up well in the main area before

Could you help me ?

Thanks a lot !



I just added this feature flag to your instance. Could you restart your containers to prompt a license key check? It should be all good to go from there!

Hey Lauren !

Thanks a lot for your quick reaction and reply ! It seems to be working well =)
I'm a bit surprised though, and have a few questions :slight_smile:

  • Why do you need to activate it in a feature flag on your side ?
  • Should I be able to activate it on my side as well ? Because I could not find it
  • Are there other features that are restricted ? Is it because this has been deployed on premise ?

Thanks a lot !


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So glad to hear it is working well! There are different reasons why feature flags have not been rolled out, one being they could still be in a testing phase. You cannot activate flagged features on your side, but there are other features available in the Beta section of settings!

I see ! Thanks a lot for your answer @lauren.gus

I didn't think the Header was in Beta, since it's not mentioned in the doc : Layout

Among the features you listed, would it be possible to enable the Google Maps integration for us ? I wanted to try it out.

Also, what does the "Debug Information" Beta feature do ? I'm wondering if it could help us since we're using a lot of scripts and are having trouble debugging them

Thanks a lot !


I just added the Google Maps Integration! Same request as before - could you restart your containers to prompt a license key check?

The Debug Information feature exposes more information for debugging on-prem instances/env variables. It gives you these two options in settings:

I have the same issue. Spent all weekend re-installing and creating new AWS servers to try and get the header to work. Would you be able to enable this for my deployment please?

Hey @ssykes, Can you write to us in Support directly to have us enable the header for your Retool instance?

Yes - all sorted, thank you. Apologies for not confirming.


I am in an on-premise trial version of Retool and I am having the same problem. Is there a setting I can change on my end to resolve this?

Hey @bDartlon, Unfortunately, there isn't a setting you can change on your end. We'll need to set a feature flag for your instance on our end. Can you write into Support directly so we can enable the header for your Retool instance?

Absolutely @everett_smith (my apologies for the slow reply). Is there a best way to do that? I am only on the trial version so far, reviewing prices with management this week.

Hi @bDartlon, I'm very sorry my response has been so delayed here. If it's still helpful, you can write into Support directly from your apps by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the screen and selecting 'Chat with support' from the menu.

Thank you! I was struggling at first to find that feature and then to get it to work for my on-premise installation.