Movable Modal Windows

Modals are nice, but it would be cool to have more control over them. I would love to allow users to drag modals, or define where the modal should pop up at, instead of the center of the screen.


I agree! This feature would be awesome, especially if the modals could exist in the side bar that is basically dead-space for components at time of writing.


Hey JoeyKarczewski & alexhayden! Thanks for your feedback regarding the modal component. I have logged this request internally and we will take a look at it. Have a great day!

Bumping this thread out of curiosity – any progress on this, @joeBumbaca? Just this morning my client asked about making at least some of our modals draggable (they want to be able to peek back at what is behind the overlay, without closing & reopening, like we can do with the pop-out code editors)

(you were correct, @victoria, this feature request already exists)


Hey Schteevyn,

 Checked in on the Feature Request for this, and it is still part of our plans moving forward. I don't have a definitive date yet, but it should be part of our next rebuild of the Modal component. When we have any more specifics as to the timeline, I'll update this here and let you know.




Yes, yes, yes! We need to be able to drag / move modals to be able to flexibly arrange windows to see all relevant data. Please bump this and get it released.

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