More badges to earn please?

just thought I'd point out some opportunities for new badges while I'm stuck trying to fix some code. I mean, honestly you could just cruise through the SO badges... don't go look to see how many of these are similar, I swear I did not copy/pasta, I just had an influx of creativity (yup)

-# of Topics Bookmarked by others
-# of marked Solutions bookmarked by others
-# of successfully/correctly flagged Topics
-# of successfully/correctly flagged Replies
-# of unique profile views
-# of flagged/removed replies
-# of flagged/removed topics
-Be mentioned 'X' number of times by 'Y' unique users
-Edit 'X' number of posts that have been inactive
-Have a reply marked as the Solution after the OP/Topic has been marked inactive
-Have a reply not marked as a solution with more likes than the Topic.
-Reply to a topic that has already been flagged, but before it is removed
-Have a reply marked as the solution for a Topic that is later flagged and removed
-Have more than 'X'% of a min of 'Y' unique likes from a single user
-Shared a public webapp with a user outside of your org
-Have more than 'X'% of Topics with marked answered by others
-Mark your own Reply as the solution for your own Topic and receive a like for both
-Create 1 Topic per day that receives at least 1 reply and 1 like within 1 day for 'X' num of consecutive days (or just go with it and pick 1 consecutive week, then yell YAHTEZZEE)
-Have your Trust Level demoted once
-Create a discussion/message with at least 1 group that has a minimum of 'X' users
-Create a discussion/message with at least 'X' number of users from different groups
-Have 1 discussion/private message gain at least 1 reply from other user(s) for 'X' consecutive days
-Invite more than 5 people into a discussion/message and have a 100% reply rate within 24 hours

I figured not all badges need to be positive. some fun ones would be nice too, for when you just wanna bash your head against the desk and need a distraction or a good laugh. Personally, I always enjoy when sites include an easter egg for using the Konami Kode on a specific page: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A for those nostalgic gamers =)


@bobthebear Thank you so much for sharing these ideas and the overall feature request for more badges to earn here on the forum! :star2:

This is great on so many levels, especially since we've been doing some planning for the new year around bringing more gamification and recognition and challenges of various types to the forum -- for fun, and to keep encouraging and thanking folks who continue to engage here to learn/share about building in Retool as this forum grows.

We're definitely taking notes from your ideas above. We haven't yet done much customization of badges -- looking forward to doing more of that soon! And great idea to take some inspiration from StackOverflow too.

I like a lot of these, especially some that wouldn't have been as obvious to me, like "Have a reply not marked as a solution with more likes than the Topic." That would be a really nice one to reward the poster for their contribution, beyond the Likes they receive and the related ToolTips points. Often folks do get 3+ likes on a comment that doesn't contain the solution, but was crucial to the conversation and the progress toward the marked Solution!

And of course the YAHTZEE one is amazing :grin: :game_die:

We'll keep you updated here as we introduce more badges during the new year! Thanks again for taking the time and creativity to make this topic, much appreciated. :pray:


Can't wait to see what goodies yall come up with!!!

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I found the Konami Kode reference and whichever dev or content writter is responsible for it I hope you get a raise!!!!!!! I'd link it but all the fun in finding easter eggs would be ruined, so sorry for not giving it away :innocent:

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