No Way To Have Audio In Mobile App

I've read on the forum here and there about eventual support for audio on Retool Mobile but wanted to confirm as it seems like a very essential basic operation but perhaps I'm thinking of it wrong

Is there any possible way to play any sort of audio at all in Retool Mobile?

It's essentially what's stopping us from using it currently as we need audio feedback in our mobile apps in a warehouse operation to prevent human error

Please anyone if you have any workaround or way to play audio in Retool Mobile please share!

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Hey @thisbeali! This is indeed currently an ongoing feature request and I added your +1 to it. I'll let you know in this thread if we have any audio-related updates coming, but I don't know of any in the very near future, unfortunately. I'm sorry about the bad news, and please do feel free to check in or add more context any time.

As a probably-not-helpful workaround, you could use the Microphone component in a Desktop app and then use a responsive Mobile layout. You can download the recordings as well!

Hey folks, we just launched a utils.playSound() API. You can demo it with this code: