Mobile edit screen is blank

Why is the editor window blank all the sudden?
Opening editor for my app revealed this.
The components are all listed. App is functioning but edit screen is blank.

Switching views phone/tablet or orientation does not help.
Navigating to different screens - does not change anything.

@Scottsky are all mobile apps broken for you or just this one?

Just one: mobile

(Update: this seems to be fixed; seems to have been a transient issue because we rolled back some code and re-deployed it shortly afterward. If anyone else has a similar issue, create a new thread please)

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Seems to be a recurring phenomena.
Anything I can do on my side to prevent this from stopping me from working?

Are there any errors in your browser console?

Yep, plenty.

That's very odd; does not contain Javascript when you load it in your browser?

Here's what I see...

See if you can reproduce this error again with the Network tab open, then inspect the response to see what is getting returned to your browser.

This leads me to view mode (not edit) and it works just fine.

Issue is strictly in the editor canvas.

Can you reload and take a screenshot of the initial 2790.6e41e7e2.js fetch in the network debugger? It seems like maybe you're incorrectly getting served a 304 to /mobile/index.html, which should not be happening. I want to see all the request/response headers to see if maybe there's some clues.

I am miserably failing to see 2790.6e41e7e2.js while opening

But every js fetch reports being successful (200)

But just out of the blue while making screenshots for you it spontaneously started working.
Is it something you did?

We deployed to production about an hour ago. Not sure why that fixed it for you.

I suspect this is related to our "canary" deployment, where we route 1% of organizations to the next deploy and leave 99% on the current deploy for a certain period of time. There must be a bug. This issue will be fixed permanently in a few weeks when our re-architecture ships.

In the meantime, I've blocked your org from being bucketed into the canary group so this shouldn't happen again. Let me know if it does.


Appreciate all your hard work and swift support.
Knowing that someone has your back makes a hell of a difference for a nooby coder.

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