More performant, revamped mobile editor 🎉

Hey folks, I am rolling out a much faster version of the Retool Mobile editor starting today. It should load much more quickly since there are a ton of under-the-hood improvements. There should also be many fewer strange bugs; the general category for bugs we've eliminated are "model divergence bugs" where the app state in the IDE and the app preview seem to diverge, causing you to feel insane.

You'll know you're using the updated editor by the :sparkles: icon in the bottom bar.
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.37.21 AM

Let me know if you find any bugs or have any feedback. I'll be rolling it out slowly (cloud first) so if you are eager to check out the new experience let me know your cloud org and I can enable it for you. (Update: this is now enabled for 100% of cloud users)


Would love to test it out!

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sign me up

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Please enable for!


Me too! Thanks!

Count me in
Thank You!

Is there a way to opt out from the new editor?

For instance, I can't read the states of my components like here:

I had others bugs like all components are out of reach making it impossible to call them in JS ('collectionView3 is not defined' with the property underlined in yellow) or console.log() impossible to prompt in the debug window for no reason.

It's also super hard to type as the cursor disappears without any reason, forcing me to click over and over in the code editor to resume my typing (I can type 2 to 5 characters before losing my cursor).

All of this happened in the last 24hrs and it's more and more frequent for the last 12 hours, making it impossible to continue building & testing my mobile app. I really need to work it - got deadlines to meet by tomorrow and next week - and this is a major & unexpected upset.


@jeremy unfortunately this is probably unrelated to this new editor architecture but I can disable the architecture for you just in case if you DM me your subdomain. We're investigating the 2 other issues you mentioned here (collectionView3 not defined, and broken code editor inputs)

Also @jeremy can you send me a screenshot or screen recording of the bouncing behavior? Identifying exactly which input (either a specific one of multiple, and in which part of the Editor UI) will help us debug.

Hi @bca !

I'll try to reproduce the other bugs, I came across the typing bug again yesterday evening but didn't think about recording it.
It's kind of stable today so if you think the new editor is not the cause of those strange behaviors, don't touch it for now, the more stable Retool Mobile is the happier I am.

Just catched this one on video: Zight Recording 2024-04-25 ...
Action is out of reach since yesterday, I can't edit it (and I need to).

@jeremy sorry about that, let me work on a hotfix for that specific issue.


This is now enabled for everyone!


I just caught on video the cursor bug where I have to click over and over in the editor to resume my typing: Zight Recording 2024-05-21 ...

The context of this video is I just duplicated a keyValue component and linked it to a new data source. I don't know if these two events can be related to the bug, I point them out in case of.

Thanks @jeremy, sharing with the appropriate folks now.