Multiselect Listbox - cannot 'show on mobile'

I can select 'Show on mobile' for all my app's components - except my Multiselect Listbox components. When I click on the 'Show on mobile' switch, it just remains in the off position. This renders my app useless on the mobile view!

Is there some configuration or setting I need to change in order to get this particular component to show up in the mobile view?

Hey @grahammcculloch!

You should be able to show multiselect listboxes on mobile the same way you would any other component.

I'm curious to know what your app looks like. Does this work in a blank app? Or if you try to add a new multiselect listbox elsewhere in the app? One common issue with showing certain components is that they may conflict with existing components in the mobile view:

To resolve this you can try removing both components from the mobile view and then adding them again.

This might not be what you're running into though! It may help to see a screenshot or recording of exactly what happens.

For anyone else who has this issue, it seems to be a bug where the correct error message isn't showing when I tried to click "Add to Mobile"... if you refresh the page, the error shows up. Basically Retool can't add to mobile if the component "intersects" with another component, meaning that it tries to add the component somewhere in mobile and there is something there.

The best approach I found is to go thru and add all your mobile components, moving them around randomly until it lets you add all of them. Then pray that you don't need to add more later and rearrange your entire layout.