Confirmation modal not showing on iOS

I have confirmation modal enabled for one of my queries on a mobile app, it works perfectly in the browser preview, but not on iOS app v3.9.0. On iOS it just does nothing, displaying no modal.

Running Retool onprem 3.8.1.

Thanks for surfacing this here @fourbytes and apologies for the late reply. The behavior you describe repros on my end as well and I've filed a ticket with the dev team. I'll report back here when there's a fix!

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I am also having this issue… definitely throws the user flow of working with he app off. Hope for a fix soon!!!

Tested on multiple phones, Pixel 8 Pro and Zebra TC52 and TC51 and the data seems to load but its not executing any of the JS and SQL or the Buttons do not work. I am assuming the former.

Testing on desktop it works and submits data when i press submit but on actual mobile i see the pressing animation but nothing happens.

I have a failsafe to not submit the write query until all information is filled in, i even tried removing that which should just create an empty record but it simply wont execute the query.

I see the issue, the confirmation modal was enabled but does not pop up at all and the query does not execute.

Hi @nickport, thank you for flagging this. Is this happening on a Mobile App, or a Webapp opened in a mobile device?

@Paulo I am using Mobile App on the phones. Its not showing any notification whatsoever even with permissions granted. I tried 4 different phones Pixel8 Pro, Zebra TC52 and 52X, TC51 with Android 8, 11, 13. None of these versions give any notifications and do not provide the user with feedback on submits. Not to mention if there is a confirmation modal it doesn't show either.

While editing the app on the retool web app it shows all notifications its only affecting actual mobile app.

@nickport, I moved the thread here to keep all feedback on this original topic, and have one place for our team to provide updates on the fix for this bug.

As of today, this issue has not been prioritized. We'll keep you posted with any updates from our devs. On the meantime, we are happy to collect feedback so we can attach it to the report.

The current workaround is to run the query without the confirmation modal.


We have a working solution but depends on new runtime, which is slowly rolling out at the moment.

Please let met know if you like to get added early for this rollout.

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