Mobile app builder very buggy

I'm trying to build a simple mobile app for tablet and there are a variety of bugs I'm running into.

  1. I'm having a hard time getting my resource to connect to the listview component. I have a very simple query that's pulling a list of data, but nothing is populating the fields. It's showing empty arrays. It went away after refreshing the page a few times.

  2. I have this rogue Home button that showed up out of nowhere and refuses to go away even when I delete everything. It sometimes goes away if I refresh the page or create a new component.

Can someone help?

I can't really help, but I've been having the same issue. I duplicated my app and that fixed it for a bit, but then once I refreshed the page, that bar popped up right away.

You can limp along if you right-click in the preview frame and click "Reload Frame", but stuff doesn't update until you refresh the page and reload the frame again...Super frustrating. Would love to hear from retool on it.

Hi @tiffany, happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:
Could you share the resource and settings on your list component?

On the other hand, that side bar should only show up on the UI when the app is opened from the phone. It allows the users of your org to visit other mobile apps. I'm surprised it's even showing on the browser while you are editing. What browser and version are you currently on?

Agreed the mobile builder needs some serious work. Takes a ton of time to try and get things to not disappear and it gets lagy very fast

Did anyone get further with this? I am having similar issues as well as as couple of others.

When trying to setup an action sheet I select the options on the right hand side and go into the menu. When clicking any of the dropdowns (example Control Query) the dialog box closes. Tested on multiple browsers / multiple devices and has the same behaviour.