How to send email with mailgun sender from retool table

Hello , I want to sent email from retool table using mail gun. I am new in retool so i have less knowledge about it . I have searched about this topic on google but unfortunately i couldn’t find my desired answers . Can anyone please tell me how to do this ?
Many Thanks

Hey @vebse, welcome to the community :hugs:

Soooo, there are a few steps.. :sweat_smile:

I'll try to summarize them at a very high level, but you won't find a ready-to-go tutorial on this atm.

  1. To actually send an email (mailgun or not) you'll need a few things (read more):
    • From/To Address
    • Subject
    • Email body (html or not)
  2. I'm assuming your table holds just one of the 3 data points, the recipient's email address.
    • If that's the case you'll need some sort of process to specify the Subject and Body of the email
  3. On each row, you can add an action button that triggers a JS query for that row. Or a modal that lets you specify the subject/body for that record.
    • If this is a batch process, you'll need to slightly adapt this script to be able to take multiple selected rows and construct the final api calls that need to be made
  4. The actual REST Query that will send the data to mailgun.

Let me know how much of that makes sense to you and you're able to implement. We'll figure it out :v:

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Thank you so much @minijohn . Actually i don’t understand this. it is little bit complicated for me. I am a new retool user . Do you have any idea where I can learn about this?
I want to create types of template

This is a pretty good intro, but judging from your screenshot you've already seen this?

You would need to switch out sendgrid with mailgun and change some of the calls but if that doesn't tell you anything, I would really just start getting familiar with all of this stuff.

I've searched a bit and couldn't find something ready that you could explore. The best answer I can give you right now is: Break up your app into smaller pieces and learn how to implement them. Also, we'll be able to help much better when you know what you're asking :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

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