Locked out from Database when attempting to change connection password - repeat of the issue

I got the same issue as described in this issue. Same cause, same effect. It was resolved in that thread, however the solution was not mentioned. Can someone help out?

Bug not fixed
But under cover config changed to allow access back to DB

if you hop over to that thread and make a post tagging @jmann he'll get ya sorted out. he's already posted there, so he probably gets updates about new posts on it and if you tag him in a reply to him on there in a new post he should def get some kind of notification

We missed cherry picking the fix to the current release (but hotfixed it in the previous and next one) - we're adding the fix and will reset passwords for you if you can share your subdomain. Apologies for the regression and pain here.

Got the access to the db back. Thank you for the help.