Locked out from Database when attempting to change connection password

I wanted to change my the password for my connection string.
I went to change it and got a Failure message

Now I can't access my databases from Resources or Apps.
So I'm totally snookered......

Any thoughts

I have no idea, but I'll give ya a +1 in hopes of getting you help quicker cause that's a doozy of a problem

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Ta. meaning thanks in British vernacular/slang ...

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Hey folks - Digging into this on our side now, will loop back once we fix and restore the DB access. Thanks for flagging!

Working through manually resolving the discrepancies for the organizations we have logged attempting to reset their Retool DB password, so those should be reverted and functioning again soon. Also still working on a fix to the underlying issue, let's hold off on resetting the password in the UI for now once that loads again.

I have the same issue :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! This should be resolved now :tada: Thank you for the reports and all your patience. Please do let me know if you're not at a resolved state!

Thanks, back in