Legacy Table Cell only saves when closed and reopened

I have MySql Database stored on a local host. I have created a Legacy table. The table loads fine. When I change a cells value the change is not reflected in the table unless I exit the application and then reopen it. When I do that the change is shown in the cell.
I have tried changing the value in the table by making the column editable.
I have created an input box with a button to change the row selected cell.
Both of these options work but only when I close the application and then reopen it.

I have a radio button that toggles two different tables. The radio button uses tableLegacy1.setData(getTableA.data) to set the data in the table. If I do not use the radio button and put tableLegacy1.setData(getTableA.data) in legacy table, Content, Data {{getTableA.data}}. Then the saved changes are reflected.

I have tried coding in table.refresh() on success. I have re queried the table on success. I have clicked the refresh icon in the lower corner of the table.