New table - On refresh it doesn't trigger "row change"

Hi! Consider this scenario:

  • A table
  • A form which loads the row details and the possibility to update a record in this form

Use case:

  1. Load table data
  2. Select a record (the form updates and shows all "text inputs" for each record column
  3. You edit, for example the "title" of a record
  4. You press "UPDATE" button. It triggers an update query, and after that it triggers a refresh of the table

Here it happens a weird thing: the update form don't updates with the new record, but it shows the old value. This behavior wasn't happening with the legacy table.



As you can see, after "saving", the table updates but it doesn't trigger the "row changed" for the update form.

Is there some settings to achieve this?

Hi @Francesco_Bonizzi!

Thank you for reporting this broken behavior. Unfortunately there is no immediate workaround, but we're aware of the issue and will have a fix out this week.

I'll ping here when it's live!


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