Save button on change cell problem


I'm using editable columns in my retool app.
Once I edit a cell there is pop up showing asking to save or cancel .

I click save , it successfully execute my query but the pop up doesn't disappear.
I click save a second time it successfully execute that same query and the pop up disappear.

I ticked true the "clear changeset on successful save" already, why does it not work properly?

Do you reload the table after successfully updating it? Whatever query you call to load the table with data should be called again.... or you can add an Success Event handler after the update is complete to run as Component ---> yourTableName ad the method is Refresh

Thank's @ScottR . Yes the table is reloading after updating it.
I try to add in the query success handler "control components" as you advised. Using the method "refresh" loop the query run indefinitely, but I change the method to "Clear changeset" and it works.