Introducing Retool Storage

Hi all! We’re introducing Retool Storage which is a hosted blob store that allows you to upload and interact with your files without the need to configure an object store (e.g. S3, Azure File Storage).

We know files have been historically difficult to work with on Retool. For example, to store images/pdfs before Retool Storage, you’d have to either store base64 strings in your databases or configure an S3 bucket. With storage built-in, you can skip all the workarounds and setup.

There are 2 ways to interact with Retool Storage:

  • The Retool Storage file list that lives in the Resources tab
  • The Retool Storage query to make storage operations that can be found in both apps and workflows

You can programmatically upload, read, and download from Retool Storage. There is currently a 5 GB storage limit per organization, and individual files are capped at 40 MB each. You can now get going right away with using storage for use cases like automated data pipelines to document parsing with AI. We’re excited to see what exciting use cases you come up with and would love to hear about them in this thread!

Finally, you can check out a quick demo to see Retool Storage in action.


Hi @himanshu,

Thank you! This is a great addition to Retool!

Is there a separate price tier for Retool Storage, or is it included in the base Retool plan?



It is included in the base plan on cloud similar to RetoolDb, Retool Email etc. No onprem support planned yet.


Nice addition. I'm currently using it since the beta and i'm glad with it.


Will this also be available for self hosted retool?

Not yet but we're considering adding support for this. Can you please share your pov for how you'd find it valuable on self hosted? Feedback helps us prioritize this!

I am currently struggling to add Azure Blob Storage via REST API, which is very hard. So I'd really appreciate it.

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I have access to Storage, but the link is not in the header. Is this normal?

Sorry I don't get what you mean. Do you mind sharing more?
Storage can be accessed by going to Resources > Retool Storage.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback on Retool Storage! It's been awesome to see you all implementing this new feature through the questions you've asked across the forums.

As this feature has been live for about 5 months since this announcement, I'm going to go ahead and close this topic. We'd love to help with your questions about Retool Storage by creating new topics in the Queries and Resources category going forward. If you've got Feature Requests, as always please do share them in that category or comment your interest on an existing one!

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