Retool Storage on Self-Hosted Instance

Hi there,

Sorry for what may be a simple question but I am hoping someone can assist with clarification on if Retool Storage is available in an On-Premise Deployment.

I understand from the above link which is very useful that the Cloud Hosted version includes 5GB of storage per organization with each file allowed to be up to 40MB but I cannot find it clearly if the On-Premise instance includes this feature.

I simply want to be able to Upload / Download some Image Files within one of my App's Pages which I have worked out how to do but I cannot seem to add any type of Retool Storage as a Resource other than maybe an S3 Bucket ? Is this right ? Ideally if possible I would like to be able to upload and store on local resources within my local server I have deployed on.

I have a PostgreDB running and have that added as a resource no issue but have hit a wall with file storage.

If anyone can offer some assistance on this it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Nick P

Yes Retool Storage is cloud only for the time being. S3 is indeed the right alternative here on prem. Retool Storage uses S3 under the hood.

Do you think it would be valuable for you to have Retool Storage resource on prem but with the caveat that you'd have to pass your S3 bucket creds to make it work?

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