Introducing Retool AI—a suite of features for building AI apps, workflows, and chatbots

Hello! Today we launched Retool AI, a set of AI building blocks to help you create AI-powered apps and workflows in minutes.

  • Build apps and workflows powered by AI: Use pre-built AI actions to summarize text, classify images, extract entities, and more. OpenAI’s gpt-4 & gpt-3.5-turbo are available out of the box. You can enter your API key, and swap in other LLMs any time.
  • Create data-aware AI chatbots in 30 seconds: Upload PDFs, crawl websites, and connect SaaS tools into Retool Vectors, our all-new managed vector store. Ask questions about your data & get helpful answers instantly.
  • Code, query, and debug faster: Ask our AI assistant questions, and it’ll generate code that just works, with context into your app’s components and data sources.

Get started today by logging into your cloud account! Retool AI for self-hosted customers will come in the next release—v3.12.

Learn more in the docs: Retool AI | Retool Docs

Questions as you get started? Post in the App Building category or Workflows category of our forum.


The new vectorised database is incredible.
Would love to know how it's attached to the chat system - at the moment you can edit the chat message and system prompt, would be cool to see how the vectorised data is used and what is the process flow of the vector search is.


I am looking forward to Retool AI for self-hosted, any planned release date for v3.12?

this is great @nate! The vector DB is crazy - So happy you guys went further than just AI helper bots. Retool making ACTUALLY useful AI features. :heart_hands: