Infinite scrolling instead of pagination (For tables)

is this possible?


Or at least the ability to set the number of rows on each page and have that not be based on the height of the table


Hey @zach-7, I’m guessing this is for a table component right?
At the moment this is not possible but we’ve gotten this request a few times. I’ll make sure to update you if/when we move forward with this. For the time being, your best bet is to make the table component taller and enable “Compact Mode” to increase the density of rows.

Thanks Alex, yes for a table component. Thanks for the update

I second this request

I also would love to have this feature

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That’d be great!

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+1 for this feautre.

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+1, or even setting variable table height would be a step in the right direction.

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+1 for this feature

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+1 for this feature (or just being able to specify the number of rows)

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+1 for this feature :slight_smile:

+1 as well, my big data tables are usually the last elements in the UI and my users are used to scrolling instead of pagination in all the other tools they use.

In our case we don’t even need infinite scrolling, we just need the option to display all items from a data set in one big table with a scroll bar.

+1 for this

I’d like to +1 this as well. I noticed that this is already supported in the Query Library. Something like that we could use in our apps would be amazing!

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+1 - would like this too

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+1! This would be really helpful.

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+1 - This would help a lot. Would be nice if other components like the timeline would support this too.

+1. However difficult to solve, this is a huge problem with Retool