Allow user to choose the number of records to display per page

Hello there. If this exists, I haven't been able to find documentation. I would love for my user to be able to choose the number of records to display per page. I realize that this might make for a ridiculously long table if they select a high number, but in our case use, it does make it easier for them to scan a column to make sure that they have filtered the data correctly before taking a bulk action on all displayed rows.

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Hi wmayallen!

This currently isn't natively possible in Retool (controlling table heights dynamically) and even having a scrollable table of fixed height isn't possible. It is a very common feature request (linked here), so we'll be working on this functionality (and more) this year.

Feel free to add your +1 here so you can be notified once we ship the new table updates, if you're interested 😊

I would like this feature too, customer is requesting it. +1

Noted—thank you for your +1!

@victoria I was read this conversation may I know is this feature is available to use to items per page functionality. I am new to retool i need items per page functionality to implement in my project.

Hey @Keshava_Nanda! The best way to control the # of pages in a table would be to just adjust the height of the table and choose a "Row height". Dense will show the most number of rows and Standard will show the fewest (as each row takes up more space in this mode). Does this help at all?

sorry for misunderstand, @victoria I need items per page functionality. for example, if i choose on items per page 10 it will show 10 rows on table else if items per page 25 it should show 25 rows on table (reference below screen). let me know is this functionality is exists in retool app.


Would something like this work? As a note, the "Max page size" is capped at 20.

To recap the screen recording, I have a dropdown component with the numbers 3, 5, 10 and 20 as options. Then in the Max page size field (that becomes available when the Height is set to Auto), I set it to the dropdown's value ({{select1.value}}).

Let me know! :crossed_fingers:

Screen Recording 2023-03-28 at 1.56.01

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@victoria Thank you for helping out +1 but one small issue, in this Max page size option is not allowing grater then 20. we need like this 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 options.
let me know if it is there this option.

This isn’t currently possible, but I’ll put in an internal request for this! And I’ll let you know in this threads if we do add this functionality :handshake:

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We're shipping auto-height Table v2 this week with a much higher limit on the max height. Keep an eye out and let us know how this works for you! :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers: