Allow user to choose the number of records to display per page

Hello there. If this exists, I haven't been able to find documentation. I would love for my user to be able to choose the number of records to display per page. I realize that this might make for a ridiculously long table if they select a high number, but in our case use, it does make it easier for them to scan a column to make sure that they have filtered the data correctly before taking a bulk action on all displayed rows.

Hi wmayallen!

This currently isn't natively possible in Retool (controlling table heights dynamically) and even having a scrollable table of fixed height isn't possible. It is a very common feature request (linked here), so we'll be working on this functionality (and more) this year.

Feel free to add your +1 here so you can be notified once we ship the new table updates, if you're interested 😊