Scrolling and Pagination in Table

It would be great to be able to set a table to use server-side pagination plus scrolling within the current page. The reason I want this is to allow the user to perform a query that loads a fairly large number of rows - 500 - 1000, a customer list for example. For our use case, most users are interested in the current months data. All our data is creation date timestamped so I can easily load pages from the DB in reverse chronological order. Usually the relevant row is loading on the first page.

Then, it would be great to be able to use the table sort and/or filter tools to sort by column and then quickly scroll to the row of interest or serach. If I see that I need the next page, I can just goto the bottom and click the arrow. This would enable a pretty slick user experience without me having to enable search and sort for each column with a ui and queries back to the DB.

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Thanks for the feature request Barry! We're working on this and it will be coming soon.

same issue here Pagination Offset in Query JSON with SQL - #7 by agaitan026

Hey there! Using scrolling + pagination is supported in the new table :tada:

When using a fixed height table you can still set the page size as one of your pagination settings:

Since this has been resolved I'm going to close this thread for now but will follow up in the thread you linked @agaitan026!