How do I control table loading state?


I am figuring out if it is possible to dynamically manage the loading state of a table in Retool ?
For now the only way I've managed to trigger the loading spinner is to link directly a query with the table data (something like {{ }}).
But what if I want more granular control ?
I am looking for something like myTable.setFetching(true) to run inside a js query for example.

Hey @Hatem!

This sounds like an interesting idea, it might be good for the feature request section. Would you mind expanding a bit more on how you'd be using the loading state?

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I am not sure what would be the best API to interact with the table state. But something like exposing the loading property as it is done for text inputs or buttons for example sounds more consistent to me.


More generally I found it a bit confusing/inconstant when exploring Retool that some widgets are exposing clearly their states and for others it behave more like a black box.

Got it - It is on our radar to add a similar field in the table inspector, no timeline as of now but I can let you know here once it has been included!