Improvement to the forum's Tag requirements

The new requirement to have two tags for forum posts is very annoying.

You can usually find one tag that fits, but often can't find a second.

And some tags are disallowed in some categories, like it would not let me change a tag to Javascript for a Feature Request forum category. I get "This topic has tags not allowed by this category: 'javascript'" if I have already entered the Javascript tag and then change the forum category. It does not show up as an option if you start with the Feature Requests category.

You cannot add a new tag as far as I can tell. Sometimes I just throw in a BS tag so I can post.

I suggest, at least until the tag cloud is filled out, letting the user add a tag if one does not exist and flag it for review. Hopefully that is within the capabilities of the Forum software you use.

And/Or make it only require one tag until the tag cloud is filled out.


I have similar experience with tags.

Ack, this isn't good. Definitely my fault, I was messing around with these settings the other day. Sorry about this @bradlymathews + @vangelov!

Let me see if I can allow users to add new tags and if not, will remove the requirement until I can figure out a better solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, just removed the restricted tag topic groups and clicked the "Allow other tags" checkbox. When I tested it before this change (and after my breaking change :sweat_smile:), it still allowed me to create new tags (maybe as an admin?) so I felt safe to launch.

Would y'all mind trying to create a topic now to see if it allows you to create your own tags? If not, I'll just remove the requirement entirely!


I refreshed the page several times, cleared site cookies and logged back in to make sure I got the code refreshed.

It is not allowing me to create new tags (and I have a very high forum trust level), or maybe I am doing it wrong? I do see that is now requires only one tag rather than two.

Also each forum section has a different set of allowed tags for example:

5 tags:

A different 5 tags:

A long list of tags:

Thank you for such extensively testing, @bradlymathews. I *think* we may be in the clear (0 required tags per topic) now! Let me know if you see otherwise :crossed_fingers: