Impossible to share my app in Public

Hello, I get a problem when I'm trying to share my Retool App in public. Indeed I can generate the public link but an error message is displayed
"Note: This app contains queries to resources which require authentication. These will not work in public apps."
And If I share this link, the app isn't working, the authentification is impossible.
What should I do please ?
Thanks for your help.
Have a nice day, Emilien.

Hey @emilienprn!

On public links, we actually collect no user info, which means any kind of authentication would be challenging. All authentication is associated with specific Retool user accounts, and since public app users are fully anonymous there is no user to work with that system. Public apps allow for unauthenticated, open access to the embedded app. If you need to give users access to confidential information or dangerous functionality, they would have to login with a Retool account.

If you need an app with authenticated resources to be shared publicly, we have an Enterprise-only feature called Embed that should help! Otherwise, you'd have to find a way to create your app without the extra authentication before sharing it publicly. :slight_smile: