Query don't fetch data via Public URL

I have built a retool app with google sheets as database and it works well in preview mode.

But it doesn't works when I am accessing it using Public URL.

The Query don't fetch data as you can see in the image below.
The data isn't fetched and "No options" are shown


Also, this warning message is shown where I open the "Share Dialog Box"


I have shared access to the google sheets to the gmail acc through which I trying fill form via public link

I created a new google sheet resource(I am using the same google sheets with the same permissions)
But now when I open the share dialog box I am seeing the following:


Given that I just generated a new resource, I don't understand why the feature is suddenly excluded from my plan.

How should I go about in this case?
Any help is appreciated.

Hey there @Sayuk_Codes!

Public apps are actually meant to be a feature of the Business plan. It looks like you might have actually stumbled across a bug where the feature isn't gated properly so it's possible to access them on all plans :pensive:

In general, though, Public Apps don't support any resources that have user-based authentication. If you share authentication between users, either via OAuth2 or a service account, you should be able to use Google Sheets in a Public App: