I'd like for a mouse wheel to scroll the table horizontally

hello, say we have a table with many field.
Is possible to scroll the table horizontal with mouse's wheel instead of drag the scroll bar?

Add a listener to acheive this when the mouse pointer is above the table?

Hi @AnsonHwang I'll move this post to the "How Do I?" section of this forum so you can get more eyes on it and hopefully some good pointers from the community :slight_smile:

Hi @AnsonHwang, sorry for the confusion here -- I asked about this internally, and we currently don't support listeners or controls for programmatically changing the scroll position of the table component. So I'll change this back to a feature request and also log it internally for our team's review and consideration for the future!

@AnsonHwang you can hold down the Shift key and use your scroll wheel/trackpad to scroll horizontally instead of vertically. This is applicable to scrolling anywhere, not just Retool :slight_smile:. Hope that solves your issue!


Holy scroll wheel Batman!

I have been using the scroll wheel since the release of the Microsoft IntelliMouse in 1996 and I totally missed this!



Thanks much