Table: Scroll selected row into view

When I use table.setectRow() I would like the table to scroll to the row I just selected.

Or add an optional boolean parameter (defaults to false to maintain backward compatibility) which triggers a scroll.

Another option would be to have a table.scrollTo() method.

Honestly, I thought we already had this functionality. Great ft req, thank you :pray:

Add my vote for this.

Added, thank you!

New Table component have .scrollToRow()

table1.scrollToRow({mode: 'index', indexType: 'display', index: table1.selectedDataIndex})

or the request is for legacy table?

Both the legacy and new tables have the .scrollIntoView() function to scroll the page to the table component, and the new table has the .scrollToRow() function to scroll within the table to a specific row!

Thank you for the callout, @Oscar_Ortega :hugs: