I went to update my credit card and my portal is...gone?!?

Greetings. Our previous setup was here.


When I logged in to update my credit card I was instructed to create a new portal (?!?)

So I created this.


I get a message that says my trial has ended. And it appears my previous setup and configuration has disappeared.

Please advise!

I did successfully update my credit card. But everse.retool.com is not accessible, I now get redirected to everseadmin.retool.com

Hey there, happy to help!

Looks like you have two different emails being used for both orgs. The reverse email ends in .com, the everseadmin ends in .tv. Which email are you using to login?

Hi @Jay I the email address ending in .com wasn't accepting a user name and password.

Appears that it IS accepting a login via google auth. Good news!

My portal has returned! I'd like to switch off the portal I created with the .tv email address.

Then convert the original portal from the .com address to the .tv address

Thank you for looking into this!

Hey @everse!

Stepping in here for Jay real quick. Just to double check:

1. You would like to continue on with the everse.retool.com domain and archive the everseadmin.retool.com domain

2. You would like to switch the email addresses for these accounts so that everse.retool.com has the .com email address?

Absolutely correct @Chris-Thompson thank you

You got it, I've archived everseadmin.retool.com along with the associated email address. If you'd like to add your .tv email address to everse.retool.com could you try to invite it using your .com admin account? It also looks like the most recent payment didn't go through for this account would you mind retrying on your end?