Hug Contents on container not working in ListView

I have a container in my listview that contains all of my components. The container is set to Hug contents. Some of those components have optional visibility. When the components are invisible, the container does not resize to fit as it should.

If I copy the container and its children outside of the listview, it works as expected.

If I just put the components in the list view without the container, it works, but doesn't look as good and the card style you get with a container.

I do have Dynamic Heights enabled in the listviews.

I also noticed while playing with different layouts that the index (i) is no longer visible to components that are nested 2 or more containers within the listview. So you can't put a container within a container within a listview or all components in that second container can't see i.

Hey @bradlymathews , sorry for the late reply. This, unfortunately, is a known issue that we don't have any good workarounds for besides "turn off hug contents."

However, we do have a big revamp of our ListView component on the roadmap this quarter. You can follow on any progress we make on this over at our changelog at, and we'll also try to post another update back here once we do launch the revamped version of our ListView!

We now have better support for nested list views! Check our our docs here: Create custom list views

And let us know if you have any questions or further requests :blush: