How to use something like prefix icon in text component?

Hello everybody! Is there any way to get the appearance of a prefix icon like we used in the link, for a text component?

What I got closer to that was using the icon component, but it doesn't looks good.

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Hey there :wave: You should be able to use any text symbols/emojis. Would that work for your use case?

Hello @lauren.gus ! Thank for the feedback.
I tried using both options, but it didn't look good for my case.
The ideal would be the icons we use on the buttons.


Got it! As that is not currently a feature I will move this to our feature requests :slightly_smiling_face:

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Second this

I was able to use the "status" component as a workaround. Are there still plans to add this as a feature?

Hey @MiguelHA! This is in fact something that's still being explored and worked on by the dev team. If it gets included we'll try and let you know here!

In the meantime, components now come with more margin and padding settings that allow for more granular control over what your layout looks like. For instance, if you create a container without padding or margins and put in a text and icon component you can get something that may be a lot closer to what you're looking for:


Got it, think this is a good workaround if the icon is to the left of the text.

If we wanted to place it to the right then there's currently no way of doing so and have it be aligned to the end of the text @Kabirdas

I see, thanks for the additional context!

+1 on this. Sometimes there are just times when you want/need to include an icon before or after text, and having an "Add-ons > Prefix Icon" like you can do on other components would be terrific.

Appreciate the workarounds above, in the meantime!