How to update GraphQL schema?

Hey people.

I use a GraphQL API developed by myself on Retool. This API is constantly updated. I don't know how to update the GraphQL schema or rerun the introspection on Retool to get my API changes reflected on Retool.

Can someone please help me?


Hi @maykefreitas, Happy to help here! Just to clarify, are you referring to an external GraphQL API that you're connecting to using Retool's GraphQL integration?

Hey @everett_smith. Yes, I'm referring to an external GraphQL API.

Jumping in here for a moment! What kind of authentication do you have set up on that resource? Are you using either custom auth or a non-client credentials OAuth2.0 flow?

I'm using a simple http header api key to autheticate


Hey there :wave: Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your current resource and query? Do you currently have a schema browser?

I am also experiencing this issue. If I update my graphql schema, it doesn't propagate to retool. I managed to force it to re-fetch the schema by changing the resources base url and then changing it back.
FYI, I use an authorization Bearer header.

Hi @Tim_Fairbrother! Thanks for reaching out about this and sharing your current workaround

I am looking into it internally, as the schema should generally refresh when the page refreshes

Hi Tim! After speaking with my team internally, it sounds like your solution is the best at the moment, but I am going to submit a feature request to add a refresh schema button to the UI :blush:

Hi all,

Our team created a re-fetch schema button It is set to be available in Retool v2.123, which should come out to Cloud users on Wednesday.

Thanks again for the feedback!