How to refresh a paginated table by js?

I have a cursor base paginated table, and the page token is from grpc query's(list_missions) response.
For example, if i has 7 results for total, i load first page with 5 records and returns the page_token ="xxx", then i click '>' to next page, it returns correctly with 2 records and returns the page_token="", but the table2.afterCursor is still "xxx", then ,i try to call list_missions.reset() and list_missions.trigger() to refresh the table, it will return the last 2 records cuz it will pass the "xxx" as page_token to the 'list_missions' query. But if i click the refresh button under the table, it goes correctly.
I just want to clear the previous state and refresh table, but i can't find a way to clear the afterCursor of table2. And according to the doc, table should have a .refresh() function but when i call it , it throws error.
Can anyone help? Thanks a lot.