How to refresh table with javascript

Trying to find a method for a table object that can re-run a query. Currently, I've tried looking at all the available methods and the closest I see is ShowRefreshButton.

A table displays data, usually from a query - if you want to reload the query you can .trigger() it from any script, or another component (like a custom button) or the refresh button option in the table component will do this for you.

The caveat is that the table needs to be linked to a query and not a custom transformer for that refresh button to work.

Thanks! this worked. I just wasn't performing the callback function properly. I am using an event handler on success instead of a callback function because I found the callback function doesn't want for the function to complete, it just controls the order of execution. The event handler is easier anyway.

I do notice that sometimes it doesn't update the table and I still have to refresh manually. Not sure why this might be. But I'm satisfied with how it works!