Cursor-based pagination on new table

I am running into two issues migrating to the new table component:

  1. We can no longer display the the total count of the query results. I could move that info out of the table into a static text component as a workaround, but that still leaves the "Showing X results" text in the toolbar, which will be misleading (especially for those accustomed to the old UI).
  2. I cannot get the pagination afterCursor property to populate - even setting to a static string still leaves the state as null

I tried searching for existing posts on this, but none seemed to end in a resolution of the issues. For #1, there is a somewhat off-topic discussion weaved in here, with no resolution.

For #2, I would've sworn I was at fault, otherwise more people would be complaining. But my test of setting a static value in the pagination UI still yields table.pagination.afterCursor === null, so I'm lost.

Bumping and adding more reproduction for the afterCursor issue:

This screenshot shows all static values entered into the pagination settings. Notice the afterCursor stage in the debugger is null

After clicking forward one page, currentPage increments correctly, and the afterCursor value is set.

If I change the value of afterCursor to "thenewcursor", it will not update in the pagination state until I click to a new page. Notably, if I go back to page 0, it will be null. If I move forward to page 2, it will show the updated value.

I believe this is resolved. Based on my previous post, it seems intentional that the cursor is not set until after paginating, so that you can directly use its state in your queries.

Apologies for the noise :pray: