How to navigate to Mobile App Home or to a different Mobile App?

Kia ora - for a Mobile App, what is the process for enabling the user to navigate to a different mobile app - or, if that's not possible - how can the user navigate to the App Home where apps are listed?

I see this page: Share data between apps covers how to do this with non-mobile apps, but this doesn't appear to apply to mobile apps - as there is no navigation component you can add.

How is the user to get to the app home, once they are in a specific app?

With appreciation, Jamie

Kia ora people

Thanks for your time - just a quick nudge on this one; surely there is a way to get the user to the top level (app home), or to a different app? I'm thinking I must be missing something really obvious...? Or is it really the case that the only way would be for the user to quit the app entirely on their device and run it again?

With thanks, Jamie

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Hi @JamieAllen

Thanks for this question! :blush:

I tried to solve this by using an open url event handler in app 1, but it opens app 2 in the browser (the url opened is the "Share" link from app 2) :disappointed: I am checking internally to see what the best practice is here! I'll reach back out when I have more info

Thank you @Tess - really appreciate it... I had the same results as you, sadly. Fingers crossed there is a way...

Hi @JamieAllen! Unfortunately, it's a bug :confused: I'll reach out to you here when we have better support for this

Thanks, @Tess - very much appreciate the update. All good... Presumably the only workaround for now is for the user to quit the app and run it again?
My best, Jamie:)

Hi @JamieAllen Im so sorry! I realized I only half answered your question. Being able to navigate to a specific app is a bug that we'll fix.

Users should be able to click the hamburger button in the top left corner of the Retool Mobile app and go to another "recent app" or the Home page list of apps. Unfortunately, that means they'd have to know the name of the app to go to. Let me know if that isn't available or working on your end

Thanks @Tess - aye, for sure - but there's no way to access that hamburger button once you're 'in' an app, eh? So far as I can tell, the only way is to quit completely and re-run retool? J:)

Hi @JamieAllen ! It seems like I can use the hamburger button from any page that's in the bottom tabs, unless I've set up another Action.

That said, we plan to ship the navigating to another mobile app feature to Cloud next week :slight_smile:

Thank you @Tess - unfortunately, on our apps we have Actions set - which would explain why that's not an option. Hey, that's brilliant news about the navigating to another app feature, though - thank you:))