Multiple page retool App


I am building a multipage application. The landing page is a table of records, on click of the selected row I want to navigate to a detailed editable page where the user will edit the field value and save it. Need pointer how to create two top level page in Retool App and navigate to detail page by clicking button. Thank you for your help.


@anilr Have you read some of the documentation regarding how to do what you are looking to do?

So, let's say you first page has a list of users and in the the selected row, there is the user_id. You can pass that along to the next "page"/app and when that user_id is "read" by the next app, you could populate the form using a query.

Also, I suggest just using a modal to allow the user to edit the information in the row OR make the column editable and allow the user(s) to save changes.

If you could elaborate on your use case and share some screenshots; the forum, I am sure, will have plenty of good suggestions for you!

The link is broken. It is shared in several posts and broken everywhere.

Here is some similar one.

The above link should also be fixed now, thanks for pointing this out @haj!