How to make navigation between retool apps work in embedded app


We have a multi-page Retool app (navigation between different Retool apps).

We are embedding this app in a parent React app following instructions here.

Navigation between app does not work using the "generating embed Url method" and setting Retool apps to navigate directly between one another using "go To App" action types. Is this normal?

An approach we are taking is handling navigation in host app via post messages on user interaction in Retool apps.

This approach feels slow as it reloads Retool Apps each time when navigating. Is there a better approach ? Thanks

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Hello, welcome to community. How about to use navigation in module, and use module in app

Thanks for your answer. Navigation occurs in a Table (New) component on an row action. I am not sure the navigation module applies here.

I am having the same issue. I can navigate between apps but passing url/hash parameters is not working. I am going to look at a different way like pushing what should be on the url into local storage and then looking at both the url and the local storage. I will let you know how it works.

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We ended up merging the two Retool apps in one.

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Yep! That is exactly how I solved it.