How to log user out on Mobile

Kia ora - there are various topics connected to this question, but none that seems to cover this specific situation.

We have an app, only accessible to our mobile users. Some users access the mobile app on their browser by preference, instead of via their mobile device.

When they have finished with the app, we need a simple way for the user to log out of retool and, and ideally to forward to another page - or, if not, head to the retool login page.

I've read that one option is open subdomain .retool. com/logout - however, this doesn't work with Retool Mobile (it just pops up the Retool "Welcome Back" page.

How can this be done? We need our users to be able to log out from Retool on a browser that others will have access to, and return to a front screen.

With grateful thanks, Jamie

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There should be a "Log Out" entry in the side bar that you can open with a side swipe from the left side of the screen.

Thank you - how could you get to this if using the app in a browser? ...and; how can it be done pro grammatically?

There's no programmatic way unfortunately. If you're in a mobile browser, you can visit and log out via the side menu there.