Mobile only user: How to change user's name?

Kia ora - one of our users entered a typo when he signed up as a Retool (mobile only) user. He'd like us to change it. How can this be done for a mobile-only user? I see that a desktop user can access some admin tools; but obviously a mobile-only user doesn't have that ability.

With thanks, Jamie

Thanks for asking and kia ora @JamieAllen! Current state is that mobile-only users can't access the /settings pages because they get redirected to /mobile regardless of what page they’re on. To make the change in this case, to update their user's name, the path forward would be for an Admin to make them a "Desktop and mobile" user temporarily, have that user update their own name attribute in Settings > Account, then make them "mobile only" again. Alternatively, an Admin could disable access for the current user and invite them as a brand new user, so that they can fill out the correct name to start fresh.

I've also shared this feedback internally since it does seem like it'd be better to have a more seamless way for mobile-only users to update their own attributes like First name/Last name. For now, hopefully one of the workarounds outlined above will suffice.

For others who may see this going forward, if on the Enterprise plan, an Admin could use the Retool API to update a user's "first_name" or "last_name".

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