How to create a form with retool?

Hello there, I want to use Form

the one I selected in photo but It's really confusing for me to work with it I want for example at clients table the client I selected want to create a link form for it and send to his email and he will need to fill that form and insert data into my database retool. Thanks

Hi @dinkok, that should be possible with Retool Forms, but you may have to create the table on your database first.

Go through this doc to learn about how to create your clients table on Retool Database:

Then go through this one to learn how to create the Form and connect it to your table:

I already have clients table and all details but It's really confusing part for me to work with retool forms

If you went through the docs and you still feel confused, you can join us during Office Hours where we can help you live, or feel free to drop screenshots with what part is confusing and we can help you figure it out here.

Hi @Paulo , I have an issue with form, I have connected my database table with form but the Submit button doesn't working, I tried to remove it and I created a button from components but I can't remove the Form's own Submit button and I can't give access to execute the queries, I can't edit the Form's own Submit button it's really confusing.
Thank you.

Could you share a screenshot of the "Form setup"?

Here is my Form setup.
I also want to send a link of form to user's email and he/she or them will need to fill that form and insert data into my retool database table.
Thank you.

It does look good. I would try creating a new form and selecting the same resource. The form should be auto generated. Try the new one with the default inputs and see if it works. Once we publish it, we'll get a link to be able to send it to anyone. :slightly_smiling_face: