How to colorize empty columns / cells

Hi, may be someone can help me to colorize an empty column / cells in a table.
I try it via column "Name" -> Add-ons -> Status indicator, but what can I insert in "Show when"?
Is this the right way?
Thanks a lot!


it's actually a pretty common thing to do in spreadsheets or tables. so, to colorize empty cells or columns, the status indicator feature is a good way to go. when you're setting it up, in the 'show when' field, you'll want to put a formula or condition that checks if a cell is empty. for ex, if you're using excel, you can use a formula like: "=ISBLANK(A1)" if you're working with column A. this formula will return true if the cell is empty, and you can set the color you want for true and false conditions.In the case of retool, it might work in a similar way. you'd need to specify a condition in the "show when" field that checks if a cell is empty. give it a try, and if you run into any issues, feel free to post back here with more details

actually i just signed up here, but i'll be happy if that helps :smiley:

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Hello @xdowner, welcome to forum.

If you want to colorize column: Table > Column > Background

here you can use item variable to mimic current column value.

If you want to change whole row color by any column's value: Table > Row color

and here you can use currentRow or currentSourceRow to current row.

Also you can use color codes '#a3a3a3' instead of theme colors.