How to change Save Changes button text in table

I have a table with a column containing checkboxes. I would like to fire a query when I select multiple rows using the checkboxes, but I will not save the selected rows instead put the data from the selected rows to another place, more like checkout.

How do I change the text of the "Save changes" button to "Checkout Selected" ?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, at this time, this is not possible. You could probably do some trickery with CSS to get it to work, but as we make changes to Retool, those CSS hacks may break at any time. I have logged this as a feature request so that it could potentially be added as a feature in the future.

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Apologies for late reply. Thanks for your help. It will be nice to have a feature like changing the button text in the table.

You're welcome. I agree this would be a nice feature to have, both for customization reasons, but also for localization. I will make sure to forward this info on to the engineering team, so that it might be included in a future update.

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+1 for this feature.

For now, a possible workaround is to replace the text using css, for example this work for me:

/* Remove the span text in the 2nd button */
._retool-myTable .-pagination > .-left > button:nth-child(2) > span {
  display: none;

/* Add another text in the 2nd button */
._retool-myTable .-pagination > .-left > button:nth-child(2):after {
  content: "Checkout Selected";

myTable being the name of the table component.


Thank you. Its works for me too.

Thanks again. :smiley: